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12 Kate Nash Quotes to Live Your Life By

We all know that Kate Nash is an indie pop superhero. She rocketed to success with her debut album Made Of Bricks back in 2011 and this year self-released her fourth album, Yesterday Was Forever, a slice of electro grunge perfection that’s had us thirsting for more.

We all know that Kate Nash is awesome as Britannica, the model turned actress with a gravity defying fringe, in the Netflix comedy wrestling series, GLOW. And, we definitely know she’s going to kill it onstage at Community ’19.

But, did you know Kate Nash is an oracle of great life advice? Well, it’s time to dig deep and read these 12 Kate Nash Quotes to Live your Life By.

1.“We are all really capable of so much and that’s a nice focus, rather than like do I look good enough? It’s so boring and tiring to constantly be thinking that.”

Kate Nash

2. “I recommend wrestling for anyone who’s feeling down on themselves; it’s very empowering.”

Kate Nash Celebrity Juice

3. “Now is the time to be big, take up space, use your strength, use your power. It’s amazing what you can do with your human self and that’s what everybody needs to be taught: that just being yourself is f**king great and you can do so much with that.”
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4. “!Guys pls only date ppl who are nice to you. I want that for you. I’m like the 2 aunts in practical magic!”

5.  Advice for young women coming into the music industry: “You have to learn how to use your voice because you’re an advocate for yourself and a lot of people won’t be…put yourself first and have boundaries, because people can be f**kfaces”.

Kate Nash Reading 2018

6. “When you’re a teenager you’re obsessed with trying to search for an identity. And there’s no shame about it, because you’re really f**king feeling everything so dearly, and I love it.”
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7. “Never forget what you’re made of. You are stronger than you could ever possibly know.”

8. “I just think, don’t look back at the past and think, ‘Oh, that was the best’. I like to look back and think, ‘Oh, that was f**king great but I’m going to make the best thing ever now’. And I think it’s never too late to do that.”
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Kate Nash Dancing

9. “There’s nothing like having to pick up poop everyday honestly to keep you sane and grateful.”
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10. “As you get older, you start to realise negativity is really bad…some of that can be quite damaging and I think it is just learning how to put yourself first, which I didn’t do before. That is my goal, being happy. That’s really about being comfortable with yourself.”
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Kate Nash Glow

11. “I really recommend it, to build a new physical relationship with yourself, and just do it on your own terms, and your own time, it can just give you a different sense of self-worth, and then help with your mental health too.”
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12. “Drop kick ur enemies and stay in school kids”

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Drop kick ur enemies and stay in school kids

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