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6 Random Facts You Need To Know About Sea Girls

2019 is going to be a HUGE year for Sea Girls.

They’ve already been tipped as one of the hottest new bands to watch this year, they’re rumoured to be in the studio recording their debut album, AND they’re going to be performing for you alongside The Kooks, Kate Nash, Blossoms, Gerry Cinnamon and more at Community ’19.

Could it get any better for the lads? It can as we’re counting down the 6 Random Facts You Need To Know About Sea Girls.

1. Sea Girls have topped SEVEN New bands for 2019 Lists

That’s right, Sea Girls have topped not one but SEVEN new bands lists for 2019  and counting. Their “fired up indie anthems” scored them a place in the  BBC Sound Of 2019 longlist and they also made new artists to watch lists by the NME, Official Top 40, Radio X, the Metro, the Independent and Dork.

Nice one, boys.

2.  Henry’s first gig was Bloc Party

If you’ve read any Sea Girls’ interviews you’ll know the band are massively into their classic indie, listing The Killers, The Strokes and Kings Of Leon as early influences. So, it’s only right that singer Henry Camamile’s first gig was noughties indie legends, Bloc Party.

Over to Henry: “The first gig I ever went to was Bloc Party with The Cribs, and I went and was like f**k, I’ve never been to a live show before. Shit, this is so cool that there’s this guy on stage singing that makes me feel like that”.

Bloc Party

3. Their debut single ‘Call Me Out’ was recorded above a burger restaurant

When you think of bands laying down tracks in a recording studio, you think of the Supersonic documentary where Oasis decamped to the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales to record Definitely Maybe. When it came to recording their first single ‘Call Me Out’, Sea Girls took a more back to basics approach recording in a friend’s studio above a burger restaurant. Tasty.

4. The name ‘Sea Girls’ came from a misheard lyric

We’ve all been there, you’ve been singing along to The Kooks ‘Naive’ and your mate turns round and tells you that the lyric isn’t: “I know that she knows that I’m not from Nebraska”. Well, when Sea Girls’ guitarist Rory misheard the lyrics to Nick Cave’s track ‘The Water’s Edge’ it would prove fortuitous as it would give the band their name.

As Henry explained to One Shop Record: “We thought it was a lyric in a Nick Cave song that sounded otherworldly. Turns out the lyric is actually ‘city girls’ but we mistook it for sea girls and it stuck with us!”

Nick Cave

5. Drummer Oli used to be the singer in Sea Girls

And, Henry used to be the bassist and bassist Andrew played an oscillator synth…whatever that is. Mind officially blown? When Sea Girls first started out they merged two of their old bands together and got a little bit experimental with who played what. As, Henry explained when speaking to the Bittersweet Symphonies blog:

“I think we’ve played [together] in every single line up. Rory sang as well at one point… and we just worked out what was best. It just naturally fitted in this way, I think I’ve always wanted to be a singer… on the X Factor”.

It’s a ‘yes’ from us for the current line up.

6. Their biggest inspo is…you

Sea Girls are all about their fans and that frankly makes us quite emosh. Talking about what inspires him as a songwriter, Henry said in an interview with Wonderland Magazine: “Our fans and playing our songs to them, seeing their reaction and the fact they get so stuck in”.

Live the band are the same as Henry explained it’s all about giving you an experience you’ll never forget. “I want people to feel really good, like they’ve witnessed something exciting, where you can just let go,” Henry said in an interview with Music Week. “We want it to be really positive, wild…”. You guys.

If that hasn’t got you buzzed for watching Sea Girls at Community ’19 you need to sort out your life.

Tickets are just £40 plus booking fee to have ‘Too Much Fun’ at Community Festival on 30th June 2019. That’s the same price as 154 Freddos and it won’t make you barf.