Community Festival - Home Finsbury Park 16 July 2022

7 Reasons Why Community ’19 Is Going To Be Buzzing


We are so game to be back in Finny P that we’ve forgotten it’s still not summer.

Not excited yet? Check out our 7 Reasons Why Community ‘19 Is Going To Be Buzzing and get your life in order.

1. That line up

Finny P is going to be the ONLY place you can see The KooksBlossomsKate Nash, Don Broco, The Hunna, Gerry Cinnamon plus many more class indie acts all in one field and for just £40.

With more bands still to be announced it’s a no brainer where you’re going to want to be on Sunday 30th June. You don’t want to get FOMO, do you?

2. Those rays

Finny P has been a tropical oasis hotter than Spongebob Squarepants’…erm, pants the past two years. Last year the temp rocketed to 30 degrees, it was so hot Sundara Karma’s Oscar got his pins out, Pale Waves fans flocked for shade underneath the trees and we sweated buckets bouncing to Yung Blud who was wearing a jumper – A JUMPER!

So, weather gods let’s be having more of the same this year.

3. Non-stop indie anthems

Let’s face it, it’s going to be non-stop indie bangers at Community 2019 and you know it. You’ll be doing your best mockney accent for Kate Nash’s indie classic ‘Foundations’, outdoing your mates by knowing all the words to Gerry Cinnamon’s set – that man is more indie than Liam Gallagher’s parka – and shouting ‘OOH LA, she was such a good girl to me’ as the fireworks shoot up over Finsbury Park for The Kooks headline set.

Check out this Community ‘19 playlist to get prepped.

4. Hanging out with your mates in Finny P

Festivals are all about hanging with your friends and listening to decent tunes.  As Community ‘19 is a one dayer it couldn’t be easier to get all of your mates on board, even that one friend we all have who always holds out until the last minute – you know who you are.

Community Festival Crowd

5. Finding your new fave band

Community ‘19 is all about seeing that new band you’re going to fall in love with, plus you get to boast that you saw them live first when they’re selling out Brixton. With Sea Girls, Bloxx, The Night Cafe already on the line up and more bands to be announced, Community ‘19 will have your thirst for new tunes covered.

6. Getting that Insta love

Getting a selfie with your crew in front of the Community photo board is total goals. All your friends not at Community (the fools) will be well jel when you upload an Insta story of you singing out, “let’s go back discreet, honey sweet’’ front of barrier for Blossoms. Living for the likes.

Community Festival

7. ‘She’s a belttttarrrrrrrr’

The man, the legend, indie’s new messiah – Gerry Cinnamon live and all yours in Finny P. Need we say more?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket to Community 2019 now for just £40 plus booking fee. That’s the equivalent of 40 Greggs’ vegan sausage rolls and just as tasty.