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7 Things You Need To Know About Don Broco’s Rob Damiani

It’s Rob Damiani’s birthday! That’s right, Don Broco’s singer and ‘Half Man Half God’ turns 31 today.

To celebrate, we’re cracking open the Party Rings and counting down 7 Things You Need To Know about Rob Damiani. Go on, send him some birthday love!

1. He loves a fancy dress outfit

Rob owns a giant pizza slice costume as well as a green Power Ranger outfit, which he rotates for Halloween and parties. Could this be the inspiration behind the song ‘Fancy Dress’ on the band’s debut album, ‘Priorities’?

2. He parties hard

Okay, maybe this one will come as no surprise, but Rob is definitely someone you’d want to rage with at your next party.

In an interview with Leeds Festival, Rob said the biggest partiers in the band are himself and guitarist Si, saying: “I think I get very over excited sometimes and are known for just being way too loud”. He’d also like to party with Travis Scott as he reckons he, “sounds like a party animal”.

travis scott

3. The first album he owned was an indie classic

The first album Rob owned was ‘Definitely, Maybe’ by Oasis, which his Dad bought him as a Christmas present. But, young Rob wasn’t interested in being a ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ and asked his Dad to take it back and get him the Spice Girls’ album instead. Lost your indie cred there, Rob!

spice girls

4. He studied theology

Clever Rob studied Theology at the University of Nottingham with everyone expecting him to go into the priesthood! He’s since confessed he didn’t really do much work as he was too busy hitting the gym every day, oops. Thankfully for us the priesthood had to wait as he chose the equally divine route of becoming a front man.


5. His first live gig was a covers band

Rob’s first gig was watching not one, but two cover bands: Metallica covers band, Sad But True, and a Nirvana covers band imaginatively named, Teen Spirit! Rob’s said, “it was an amazing gig“…we’ll trust you on that one, Rob. 

It must have given him the thirst to see more live music as he went to watch countless gigs at iconic venue, Rock City, whilst studying at Nottingham University – a venue Don Broco went on to play themselves. 

6. He’s a film buff

Rob loves horror and sci-fi movies. You can totally see the influence in the hilarious video for ‘Come Out To LA’, which takes its cues from 90s blockbusters RoboCop and The Terminator.

He’s also big into classic horror films, like the original Halloween movie and 80s slasher, Nightmare On Elm Street. But it’s not all blood and gore as he admitted he welled up watching the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone staring musical, La La Land. Bless.

7. He’s a bit of a nerd at heart

When he’s not on tour, Rob likes to kick back and read comic books or watch Game Of Thrones. He doesn’t have much time to play video games nowadays, but as a kid he loved Nintendo classics like Pokemon, Mario and Zelda.


Buzzing to see Don Broco live? They’re playing Community ’19 alongside The Kooks, Blossoms, The Hunna and loads more. Tickets are just £40 + b/f – total bargain.