Community Festival - Home Finsbury Park 16 July 2022

Firsts… With The Kooks

We can’t wait for The Kooks to headline Community ’19 – and bop along to bangers like ‘Naive’, ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’, and new one ‘Got Your Number’. PSYCHED.

We chatted to the man himself, Luke Pritchard, to get the answers to those all important “firsts” – first gig, first festival, first…encounter with Noel Gallagher?!

First festival you went to as a fan?

The Isle of Wight Festival. I was about 15 and had managed to get myself down there with a mate. My most enduring memory was seeing The Coral way before anyone knew who they were. They went on at midday first band on and I loved it, was really an amazing vibe discovering a totally new band. That’s what festivals are all about.

First album you bought?

First record I ever bought with my own money was ’Be Here Now’ by OASIS. I told this to Noel years later, I went in to buy the record at Sister Ray’s in Soho because it was the front cover of ‘Whats The Story…’ and no lie, Noel Gallagher and his girlfriend at the time were walking towards me and they saw the CD in my hand, he gave me a proper respectful nod and carried on walking, was fucking brilliant.

First band you’re going to watch at Community ’19?

I would like to see everyone of course, the line up is absolute quality. Amazing to be playing with so many great acts! I’ll be popping in and out to see everyone as I can. Just added a great band who we met through the Blossoms lads, ‘Fuzzy Sun’, so I’m excited to see them and Gerry Cinnamon I’ve been wanting to see for a while now.

First gig?

My first ever concert was Chuck Berry. It was at the Hammersmith Apollo, I must have been about 7 or 8. He was amazing. I’d grown up on his records along with Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran so it was really inspiring, particularly the duck walk.

First kiss?

Amy Sharples. It was terrible.

First photo you took this week?

I was trying to get my cat buddy to look punk but she was having none of it.

First holiday without your family?

Amsterdam. Straight after GCSEs, it was a good trip and we made it back OK. I particularly enjoyed the Van Gogh museum.

First song you wrote for Inside In/Inside Out?

I really can’t remember. I know I had Naive and Sofa Song before I met Hugh, so probably one of them. Sofa Song was the song that started the band in a way because Hugh heard me playing it on the school steps and came up and asked me about it. I had written quite a lot of songs by then but most of them were scrapped in favour of newer material.

First track recorded on ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’?

All The Time. I remember because I thought, yeah this is the vibe for the next direction. It evolved a lot that song, started out as a really swampy blues thing and then Al layed down a disco beat at the last minute and it changed the game.

First thing you ate today?

Oysters with Guinness. Breakfast of champions.

First song you put on this morning?

‘I Want You’ – Bob Dylan. We were travelling to Edinburgh and when we got to the hotel room they had some vinyl and a record player. Thankfully they had one of my favourite Dylan albums, ‘Blonde On Blonde’ so on it went.

First Instagram post you liked today?

I don’t use Instagram at the moment. I’m having a break but on Facebook I liked a post about my fiancee Ellie Rose’s latest video release for her single ‘Audrey’, it’s a beautiful and brilliantly crafted song. I’m really proud!

First thing you do when you get off tour?

Usually I’m jet lagged like a madman so I want to do as little as humanly possible. Catch up on watching films and drinking tea in bed.

First time you realised you were famous?

When Community asked us to headline Finsbury Park. I opened my window, took a deep breath in and it smelt just like success.

Catch The Kooks in Finny P alongside BlossomsDon BrocoGerry Cinnamon, Kate Nash and more at Community Festival on 30th June.

Tickets are on sale now for just £40 plus booking fee.