Community Festival - Home Finsbury Park 16 July 2022

Interview: Blossoms’ Tom Ogden talks new songs and more

We’ve seen the future and Blossoms are going to make your summer when they hit the Community ’19 stage in just over FIVE WEEKS time on Sunday 30th June.

To get hyped for the Stockport lads show, we caught up with Blossoms’ front man Tom Ogden. Check out the interview with Tom below to find out what new songs the band have been working on and what they sound like, how they pranked Luke from The Kooks and loads more.

In three words, what’s your Community 2019 show going to be like?

Cool like you.

Pyro, fireworks or streamers?

I’m gonna be a Scrooge and say neither, all gets a bit Spinal Tap for me…

You recently said that you’ve demoed two albums worth of material for your next album. What do the new songs sound like?

There’s a great mix across all the songs, I’ve been writing on the guitar a lot again so there’s some more guitar driven tracks. There’s one I’m particularly excited about which came off the back of listening to a lot of Talking Heads.

How do the songs compare with ‘Cool Like You’?

They’re less synth driven, as lots of the tracks on CLY were written on the synths (DX7/OB6) the album went further down that road I suppose. There’s some great narrative based songs where I’m not singing about myself, I’m putting myself in the space of characters, I’ve really enjoyed writing this way.

When can we expect the album to be released?

It’s still early days really, we need to record it first.

You’ve said you’d like Mark Ronson to produce the record. Why’s Mark the man for the job?

We’re big fans of his and he was at an award ceremony we were at, it was said more tongue in cheek, I think there’s a big waiting list to work with him!

You’ve been out on tour supporting our Community headliners, The Kooks. What’s the funniest story you can share with us about Luke and co?

We prank called him for our podcast pretending we wanted him to be in a McDonald’s advert as a giant gherkin. Just being on tour across Europe with them was a great laugh, such nice guys.

Community Festival takes place in Finsbury Park. You’ve got an hour to kill before the festival, would you chill in the park or watch the footie in a pub?

Watch the footie in a pub I reckon.

What’s the last post you liked on Instagram?

I don’t have Instagram (Indeh!).

What’s your ‘Bad Habit’?

I’ve been told I’m nesty.

What would your ultimate prank call be?

Listen to ‘Blossoms Pubcast’, there’s 10 on there. Josh is amazing at them.

What Northern phrase do Southerners need in their lives?

‘It’s not hard is it’.

What song do you wish you’d written by a band on the Community 2019 line up?

‘Foundations’ – Kate Nash was a massive tune growing up!

Don’t miss Blossoms when they perform in Finsbury Park for Community ’19, alongside The Kooks, Don Broco, Kate Nash, Gerry Cinnamon and so many more.

Tickets are just 40 quid plus booking fee – that’s the same price as