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Circa Waves: Interview

Liverpool’s finest Circa Waves have been whipping up an indie storm since they blasted onto the scene with their gutural debut, ‘Young Chasers’. Following it up with the hard hitting ‘Different Creatures’, this cheeky quartet are sure to unleash a rip-roaring set on the Main Stage at Community this summer. We caught up with guitarist Joe Falconer to find out what the band have been up to , if they’re bezzies with Community headliners Two Door Cinema Club and why they’ll bringing their bowling shoes to Community 2018.

Last year you toured the world, played the main stage at Reading And Leeds festival and drank whiskey with Dave Grohl, what are you hoping the rest of this year will bring?

In 2017 we did a lot of the things on our bucketlist, so I can only hope that we top them this year. I suppose the next logical step is to join a supergroup with the Foo’s and headline Reading And Leeds.

How would you compare the music community in Liverpool to London?

The size of the cities seems to be reflected in the differences. Liverpool is more tight knit and it feels like everyone is more familiar with each other than down South; I think it’s good to breed an environment where everyone helps each other out.

You’ve performed alongside Two Door Cinema Club many times. Have you become close friends?

Our last big tour was a month in the States with them, so we all got to know each other pretty well. Too well some may say. We’ve been on indefinite hiatus ever since. I think by the time Community comes around enough time will have passed for us to find ourselves once again in warm embrace.

You released sophomore album ‘Different Creatures’ last year, can fans expect any new material anytime soon?

New material is well on it’s way, but we’re leaving the the date of when it’s coming as a surprise. You never know what you might wake up to any given day in the next year.

Who in the band has the best sense of humour and why?

Everyone in the band is deadly serious, particularly Kieran [Shudall, frontman]. On tour he has a strict no laughing policy which is dangerous to fall foul of. We used to be a 10 piece, but slowly the laughter got whittled away.

What do you do in your downtime?

Like 99% of the population we all bury ourselves in true crime documentary series on Netflix and discuss them over WhatsApp. It’s imperative that when we all get back together to begin tour we’ve all seen everything so we can all talk about it without spoiling it.

Where’s your favourite place to go when you have free time in London?

I live in London so I’m really looking forward to playing in Finsbury Park. I’ve spent many late nights at Rowan’s Bowling Alley and I’m glad that I’m only going to be down the road from Max’s Sandwich Shop. Please can you hire him for the catering?

‘Wake Up’ and watch Circa Waves on the Main Stage at Community 2018.