Community Festival - Home Crystal Palace Park 7 July 2023



Please use the appropriate logo artwork files supplied and never attempt to recreate the logo.

Wherever possible use the white logo on either the orange or black background. The primary logo is stacked, however if it better suits the design it can be used in its unstacked format.

Wherever possible the Festival Republic presents logo is placed above the stacked and unstacked Community logos. However, it can be moved if to the left if space is an issue. On smaller assets such as web banners, small print ads and social assets, the Festival Republic presents logo should be removed due to decreased legibility.

Logo Usage



Do not enter the clear zone area with any other logos. It is also good practice not to place typography too close. Don’t place the logo too close to the document edge.

Please do not make any alterations to the Community logo.

Logo - what not to do

This breakdown is for print production.
This breakdown is for Screen/Web production.
This breakdown is for Web html production.

It is always best to consult your printer for any specific job; as the print method, stock, finish, text size, etc can influence your decisions on how best to render colour to achieve crisp results. The colour values provided for black are provisional.


The primary palette colours are to be the predominant colours in all design assets.

The secondary palette colours must never be the predominant colours of a designed asset. The secondary palette should be used in assets such as maps or charts, parking passes or signage, or where a colour variation is required.

Community Festival Colour Guide

The typeface for Community is JAAPOKKI predominantly used in ALL CAPS. When separating artist names or key information, use the degree sign (shortcut Shift – Alt – 8) at a minus baseline shift of half the font point size. For example, for text written at 30pt, the baseline shift is -15pt.

Community Festival Text

These patterns make up the Community brand totem. They can be used in any order, and can be recreated in any combination using the primary palette colours.

A pre-made looping example has been created that can be adapted to suit any particular artwork size.

Download Print Totem Patterns

Download Web Totem Patterns

Example of usage are below.

Community Festival Totem Pattern